Thursday, January 3, 2008


Back in the day it was traditional for each family to make traditional New Years foods and friends and family (usually just the men) would go from house to house wishing everyone a happy new year. Traditionally we would have sushi, sashimi, cha siu, octopus, teriyaki chicken, shrimp, sweet red or black beans, and other goodies depending on what each family added to this staple. It was fun as kids to have friends come all day long eating and drinking (the men would drink) watching my fathers friends get more and more drunk.. guess no one ever worried back then about drinking and driving. Now with so many of our parents and parents friends gone or too old to go from house to house we have pretty much cut out the tradition. This year we just went over to my aunts house and everyone brought "New Years" food.
Sue always has New Years.. huge spread.. it is the highlight of the day. She has friends and family over usually there are about 10-15 people more or less depending on the year and who is in town. Here is a run down on her spread: Pate, chicken Kofta meatballs,corn fritters, sashimi, clams, fried calamari,fried bacon wrapped shrimp w/ pineapple salsa, fried soft shell crab, poached salmon, chinese roast duck w/cellophane noodles, somen salad, chicken salad, grilled ribeye, and probably more things I've forgotten.. the desert, there was raspberry cheesecake,tiramisu,banana cream pie and a chocolate fountain with all kinds of goodies and lemon tarts. WOW everything was good. Here are a few pics- I think I took them before everything was put out. So there was much more food than pictured here.

after all that food, I didn't even eat anything at my Aunts,which is extremely bad manners, but I just couldn't...that is my daughter and granddaugher by the way to the left of me.


Unknown said...

Damn! That looks so fabulous!!! I have got to make good friends with Sue.
We had dinner at my in-laws and had prime rib...which was good but I must say your spread looks like more fun.

Rajesh &Shankari said...

Wow! U guys are awesome.

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