Friday, January 4, 2008

The End

Well, I guess this is really the end of the holidays. I put my Christmas decorations away and took the ornaments off the tree.. I haven't gotten around to taking down and putting the tree away yet. Tomorrow T goes back home to San Diego : ( and I guess it's back to normality (such as it is around here). Things will get busy at work again as everyone gets off the holiday mode and back into catching up and into the work mode.
Was this holiday season more hectic than usual, or was I just more stressed than usual?
Must be just old age creeping up.

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Unknown said...

Maybe you're just sick of going thru all that crap. Just a thought. We're supposed to get wiser as we age....hmmmm. The verdict is still out for me. :)

I am tired of stressful holidays and am just not gonna do it anymore.

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