Friday, January 18, 2008



Ra said...

This brings back memories of the dacshunds I had when I was a teenager. One of my dogs had hurt his back chasing field mice, and got paralyzed waist down. We could not help him though. After and weeks of treatment, meds watching him struggle with no improvement, he had to be euthanized.

What does this treatment involve

Eileen and Karen said...

For Kodi it involves nutritional suppliments and what is called Harmonic Translation which is the transport of energy to him and it can be done over the computer. It sounds strange.. but it works. I'll let you know how Kodi does. Hopefully this will help Kodi. Dr. Brooks has a dog who was brought to him to be euthanized but he asked the owner if he could adopt the dog. The dog was suffering from the same sort of thing.. no feelings in his legs and not able to walk. After treatment he is running around like a normal dog. I'm hoping the same for Kodi. check out the Cache Creek website and if you want call Bert and talk to him.. he's very accomodating and loves to share this discovery of medicine.

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