Sunday, December 9, 2007


We tried the reopened Sheepherders Inn tonight for dinner. We didn't see the whole restaurant but what we saw was nicely redone. We were seated in an area near the door.. it had 2 people tables and 4 person booths.. we were the only ones in that particular section. It was near the front door and when anyone opened it for too long the cold are just blasted through there. I almost asked to be seated else where but luckily traffic in and out soon quieted down. There seemed to be quite a few large parties that were finishing up when we arrived- about 7:oo.
We started with the fried Calamari (of course) the cocktail sauce was good, with a spicy kick. It also came with what was called Thai butter, but it had a curious cheesy Velveeta that had been thinned out, chilies and other spices added.. it wasn't bad, just weird tasting. Charlie had the Cesar salad which he said was ordinary. We both had the duck with a fruit reduction. It came with asparagus and quinoa. the duck was good the reduction tasted burnt, the asparagus was steamed and topped with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and was very good.. the quinoa was just plain weird tasting. It was sauteed or something and had pine nuts in it. The pine nuts were good. The waiter asked how we liked the quinoa and we told him it was not very good, he said it was supposed to be good for you... but he'd rather have mashed potatoes himself. That would have been a lot better. Drinks were slow in coming service was a little slow also. I don't know how many tables were in the waiters section, but we were the only ones in that part of the restaurant. Dinner was OK.. a few things just didn't make it but all in all I would go back and maybe try the Prime Rib or the salmon. They don't have a large menu but have a little of everything from pizza to pasta to fish and meat.
It wasn't great but it was better than I expected after having read some of the reviews.


Unknown said...

Nice review Eileen. I can't stand to be by the door in the winter...or anytime really.

Did you see some prime rib go by that looked good?

Eileen and Karen said...

I didn't see any Prime Rib go by.. we didn't see anything in the room we were in. They said it was slow cooked so it was medium rare. I rare so that's why I didn't order it, but I've heard it was good.

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