Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Yes, our 37th annual Christmas party. It could be even longer we can't remember if we started doing Christmas parties in high school or after. There are 5 of us who, as you may know by now have known each other since elementary and high school. So- every year one of us hosts the Christmas party. This year it was Nance. She did an outstanding job! We started out with Appletinis, antipasti plate, cheese plate veggies and dip and fruit and dip and coconut shrimp. For dinner we had Cranberry ribs, broccolini, spinach pecan bake,asian cole slaw, and Parmesan potato wedges. Everything was so good! Chocolate Baklava and vanilla ice cream for it was good. Of course wine. Mare said "Gee Nance everything was so good we don't have anything to tease you about".. a kind of backhanded compliment but for the longest time every time Nance had a dinner something wouldn't turn out and of course she's heard about it every year since... we never let you forget a goof. Nance made all our menus, the name tags for our seating, made sugar cookies which she placed inside the Christopher Radko Christmas favors.. I think she out did herself, but wait.. she made each of us a scrapbook.. It was so nice.. pictures of our dinners through the years..all were different and were put together just for each of us. It is so cool!!
Her husband was so sweet and took pictures for us with each of our cameras, made coffee for us washed out my martini shaker and maybe even did the dishes.. of course Mare's husband also did all of these things.. boy, they got the best husbands! Plus all our husbands put up with the endless chatter and us cracking up and being really loud. Unfortunately, Chris (the loudest) couldn't make it last night, she had a bad allergic reaction and wasn't up to joining us.. made a big difference in the decibel level. I think that was probably the most quiet we've ever been!
We exchanged gifts and of course we all got what we wanted. Me, I wanted a new salad spinner and a board scraper... you know to scoop up things off the chopping board. This one is cool it has sides so things don't fall off. Plus my Josh Groban him.
So.. here are some pics of the party... Good job Nance!!!

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Unknown said...

AWWWWW...that is so cool. Love the scrapbook idea. I haven't had friends like that since I left Santa Rosa. How very special.

I want to know where Sue got her glasses!

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