Thursday, December 27, 2007


So, as if the stress of Christmas wasn't bad enough we get a call from one of our clients asking if we can cater a party on the 23rd!! His daughter is coming home from college on the 22nd and his wife's birthday is the 24th. Now we haven't catered much this year which in itself is good since Sue hasn't been feeling well, but now she is on the way to recovery more or less. So, after checking with Sue (who was stressing about Christmas herself) we decided we should go ahead and cater, we did need the job after all. The job started off with 40 people.. a few days later it went up to about 50 and ended up with an estimated 55 or so people.
Our client likes food, always wants plenty and doesn't want to run out of anything. Here was our menu: Hummus w/veggies, Olive Tepanade,Chicken Satay w/ peanut sauce,Grilled eggplant,feta wrap. Entrees: Swedish meatballs w/buttered noodles, Teriyaki chicken wings, mini tri-tip sandwiches, Chana Masala w/rice. Salads: cold poached salmon w/ dill sauce, Cesar salad, Pesto pasta salad.
Desert: Chocolate raspberry whipped cream birthday cakes, Triple chocolate cupcakes and Lemon mousse tart... do you think they had enough food?
We got there at 12:45 to set up, it took us about an hour or so. In the mean time his wife came home from the airport (her brother came in for a surprise birthday visit) and got another surprise.. her birthday party. We got the food set up, and also some Christmas decorations and left. We went back at 8:00 to clean up and everyone was sitting there with a tired satisfied look on their face. They said everyone loved the food and they certainly had plenty left over.
We got everything cleaned up, wished everyone good night and Merry Christmas and were on the way after another successful job. By the way, I really want to thank Mikey and Sean (Sue's cousins) for helping haul all the boxes of decorations, dishes, food etc. to the job and into the house. For helping set up and also cleaning up repacking everything and hauling everything back into the car. It would have been really hard without them.
Here are some pictures of the party:


Rajesh &Shankari said...

Eileen, the channa looks mouth watering. How did it taste?

Eileen and Karen said...

I didn't get a chance to taste it but the daughter said it was really good..she loves Indian food.

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