Friday, November 16, 2007


Jamies on Broadway. Well, not exactly Jamies but having lunch with Mel (Sac Food Forum, Cooking Schmooking) and Sac-Eats (Sac Rag). We met this afternoon for lunch. Even at one o'clock the place was packed. I guess most of the people were there for the bar scene so after the waitress found out we wanted a table we got seated right away. We ordered our beverages and then our meal. Mel and I had the hamburger.. mine as rare as possible and Mel asked for medium rare. Mine came out medium rare and hers was well done and dry. Sac Eats had the bowl of clam chowder and 1/2 a BLT. He said the chowder was delicious with lots of bacon, it sure smelled good. The BLT looked good too. We got an order of the onion rings which were very good. I think Sac Eats chowder and the onion rings were the best of the lot. The company at the table was a whole lot better than the food. It was a fun time.
When I got home Charlie asked if they still had giant rats running around.... I sure hope not!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the company as well. Darn..I really wanted to love this place. Second time I tried it. It's just, eh.

How about that side salad instead of fries? They served it in a teensy/tiny jello dish.

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