Sunday, November 11, 2007


Mel of the Sacramento Food Group arranged a Dim Sum Brunch on Sunday afternoon. We met at King Palace on Stockton Blvd, the place is huge. Trying to find parking was a challenge, eventually we made our own space and prayed the car would be there when we were done.
There was Mel and Dave, Jenny and Phil, Robert, and 3 of his friends (sorry, can't remember names) and Sue and I. We were seated at a large round table with a lazy Susan in the middle, which makes it easy for everyone to reach the food. We ordered our drinks and Robert ordered a plate of Fun(rice noodles) for the table. Then the carts started coming around.. Har Gow, Chicken feet, Siumai, Jelly fish, Chinese tamales, Fried taro balls, duck, chicken, pork, pea shoots, crab claws, and several other dishes I don't know the names of. We had a table full of little dishes of this and that. After we were all filled we see carts come out with Jook (a porridge), clams, and other goodies we hadn't seen earlier. Next time we will have to go a little later and pace our selves a little slower so we can try more- if that's humanely possible. It was a lot of fun and for $20.00 each I think we definitely got our money's worth.

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Anonymous said...

Nice write up..I forgot to talk about the parking. That place was jam-packed. It was good to see you again!

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