Sunday, October 21, 2007


We finally got around to trying Viento's in the Pocket. We were going to go to Plan B again but decided to try the place next door. I had been to Viento's in Town and Country and wasn't too impressed. This one in Pocket is the original restaurant and it was good. They bring you two types of salsa, one is a warm pureed salsa the other is the chunky kind. I liked the chunky one better, it had more taste. The chips were a light thin corn chip which was really good, guess because it wasn't hard and thick. Not as good as Chevy's chips but close.
I had the Chili Verde Burrito.. it was HUGE. It was at least 10" long and about 3 " wide filled with chili verde, refried beans and rice. It was covered with melted cheese and the Verde sauce. It came with a salad of romaine lettuce with blue cheese dressing. I could have done without the lettuce since it didn't add anything to the dish. I would have liked some sour cream and I was going to ask for it but decided I didn't need those extra calories. Charlie had the Spicy Shrimp. Shrimp cooked in a spicy chili tomato sauce accompanied by refried beans and Spanish rice and some lettuce, avocado and tomato. I had a taste of the sauce, it was spicy with a smokey almost barbecue saucy taste. It was pretty good. Charlie liked it. We also had a couple of Coronas to go with the food. Service was quick and friendly. We didn't have room for desert.
The only gripe I have is one of the servers sneezed and didn't wash his hands. OK, he didn't cover his mouth(is that good or bad?) and he didn't sneeze by any food but still........
Viento's seems to do a big take out business from the looks of all the take out containers waiting to be picked up.
I'm glad we tried it, it was good solid Mexican food. Now we have 2 places to go that is close to home.
p.s. Plan B wasn't busy at all. I think Sunday evening after 6 is a good time to go.

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