Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesdays bitch

What happened to proposition whatever years back that was supposed to break up monopolies? And what is AT&T if not a monopoly? Did you know there is an "old" or heritage At&T and a "new" AT&T and they are not compatible? My business line was bundled with long distance and local service.. one bill, easy. All of a sudden I'm getting a long distance bill. I call and they tell me that the business plan I have is the old AT&T and that now the long distance is the new AT&T. I tell them I don't want separate bills, I want what I had. OK, they go through all this garbage supposedly change it over and next month I get another long distance bill. I call again.. now they tell me something about SBC. SBC? There hasn't been an SBC since AT&T took that over years ago.. first. Fine, just leave it the way it is, since they can't fix it anyway. Last week I get a call that now everything is going to be moved to the new AT&T and once again I'll just get one bill and at a cheaper rate.... YIPPEE!! This week all of a sudden as I'm trying to fax a document to a long distance number, I get a message saying that the long distance has been suspended.. WTF??? I try the phone and call my daughter in San Diego just to see if that was a fluke with the fax or what.. no, same message. OK, I'm pissed.. have to listen to the damn message about 3 time to get the 800 number to call if you have questions. Boy, do I have questions. After being on hold for about 15 min. and every min. I have to hear the recording to stay on the line to keep my place I finally get a real live person.. I tell her the problem and she goes to look into it. She says that since they rebundled my service with the new AT&T that is the problem and that she will correct it right away..She better. I tell her how much I hate it since AT&T took over.. she's sweetly sympathetic..AUGGG! She then tells me that I should be getting a call from someone to go over the different business phone packages.. haven't heard from anyone yet. I cringe at the thought of what my bill is going to be or not be.. at least I have long distance again... for now.
AT&T did call regarding my home phone and wanted to know if I wanted to bundle TV,computer,long distance and whatever. I told her no, they already screwed up my business phone.. she laughed with that knowing laugh.. she knows AT&T has screwed up everything.
I think I need to look for another carrier.. is there another carrier that AT&T hasn't taken over or is in the process of taking over?

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