Sunday, October 28, 2007


Take a pumpkin.. any kind any size. To make it easy to cut in half get one of those pumpkin carving kits with the little serrated saw,it's a lot easier than trying to use a knife. As you can see mine has had a lot of use (what would we do without duct tape?). Cut the pumpkin into manageable pieces and clean the guts out. Save the seeds for roasting. Put the pumpkin pieces onto a baking sheet, put about 1/4 C water into the pumpkin and cover with foil. Or you can put the pumpkin into a large steamer. Bake or steam pumpkin until done. Done is when it is easily pierced with a fork,it typically takes several hours @ 350,-375. Cover with foil until cooled. Scrape out out the pumpkin meat and either puree in a food processor or food mill. Be sure it is smooth. Some times I put it though a sieve just to be sure there aren't any chunks. Also depending on the type of pumpkin you might want to put the pureed pumpkin in the sieve and let it sit in a separate bowl to let a lot of the juice drain out so the pulp isn't too watery. You want it thick.
If your going to make the pies right away just refrigerate the puree. If it will be some time before you make the pies, as in this case I measure out 4 C of the puree and put into freezer bags and freeze until ready to use.

The End for now.. stay tuned for further pie episodes. One pumpkin down 2 more to go.
I typically make and give away about 16 pies to friends and family. This year if there are any left, I will be selling them.

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