Sunday, October 28, 2007


I talked to my daughter this afternoon and after all the fire and evacuations in San Diego today my daughter and granddaughter took some time for Retail Therapy. My granddaughter is 9 wears a size 4 shoe and is now needing a training bra! Of course my son-in-law, her step dad is in denial. I don't think I needed a training bra until about puberty! Of course at this rate, this might not be far behind. This of coursed thrilled my grandaughter to no end, I swear this kid is 9 going on 16. A couple of years ago she went shopping with her great grandmother and came home with a bra..she didn't need it at the time and I about died laughing.
My son-in-law is now on a organics kick.. like all the growth hormones in regular meats have made her develope so soon (her friend has been in a bra for a year already). I don't think at this stage organics is going to make a difference one way or another. It will be better for my daughter who is about 4 mo. pregnant. Maybe it will make a difference with the new baby.
Ahh.. poor fathers, they just don't know how to handle growing up daughters.

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Anonymous said...

My DIL isn't feeding my granddaughter anything with hormones...she has a list of stuff, for that very reason. Only organic milk, chicken, eggs, etc. She says research shows it causes early puberty. I guess that was my issue when my periods started at age 10 and I wore a bra by that time too. It was horrible for me...maybe it's changed nowadays for little girls.

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