Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happiness Thursday

PASTA!! Took a pasta class tonight at the Co-op. Sue and I helped prep before class, that is the most fun. Things were a little chaotic in the kitchen, Franca isn't exactly organized, but she is so fun to work with. She just expects that you know what to do, chop, peel, etc. It is a good thing we do, she doesn't seem the type to sit there and explain to you how to dice and slice. We prepped for 3 sauces and a pear cake and she also decided to make an omelet with a wonderful tuna,anchovies,and herb filling. She topped it with a very simple tomato sauce. It was served as an appetizer. It was so good. There was a Pea and prosciutto sauce, 2 different kinds of tomato sauce, one with veggies and pureed and one simple tomato, onions,olive oil, garlic and basil.
Franca made the pasta dough and we all got to put it through the pasta machine and made fettuchini. It was fun, but it was a lot of work. The first thing Franca made was the pear cake, by hand. She was up there beating the sugar and butter and eggs and adding the flour etc. It was a pretty stiff batter. I finally had to ask if we could use an electric mixer. She started laughing and said yes you can. Good thing or I'd never make the cake.
When everything was done she served huge portions of the the cake. Usually at cooking class we get a taste in most cases. Everything was great.. we are taking another class with her next month..Filled pasta, ravioli, tortellini and something else I can't remember. We will be prepping again too.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Where is Franca from?

I dined at a fabulous Italian place in Cody, Wyoming (honest) which was run by an Italian named Franca. I is a common name from round those parts.

Eileen and Karen said...

I don't know where Franca is from other than Venice originally. She's about in her 60's small little bundle of energy. You ought to take some classes with Sue and I and sign up for the prep (you get half price classes) that's the fun part.

Anonymous said...

Okay...when are you taking your next class? I love to prep!

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