Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pooris Galore

Pooris are puffy fried flatbreads made with wheat flour. Shankari will be teaching a class on Pooris at the Sacramento natural Food Co-op on October 4th. She will also be teaching us to make Channa Masala and an onion relish called Shrikand plus a yogurt desert.
Check out classes_overview to register for this class.
Shankari's classes are a lot of fun, it is hands on so we get to get our hands in there and actually make the dishes rather than sitting and watching. Her recipes are very easy and demystify Indian cuisine... and they taste wonderful! Please check out the Shankari's classes at the Co-op and sign up.


What is Curry? said...

Thanks Eileen

Anonymous said...

She wrote and told me she was going to be on channel 3 a while back. She did a great job.

I really need to sign up. I am not a huge fan of Indian food..but maybe I just haven't had it cooked correctly. I am willing to learn and taste again. I love the spices.

Eileen and Karen said...

you should take a class, Charlie said he hated Indian food and curry then I made a dish we learned in class and he loved it.


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