Sunday, September 23, 2007

can so much obsession be good?

I've been reading a blog lately that makes me a little sad. The writer is totally obsessed with what she eats or doesn't eat. I have no idea how much weight the writer has lost in total but the obsession of keeping it off can't be good. Nothing is seems passes her lips that has any type of sugar, particularly high fructose corn syrup,fat, sounds like she never goes out to eat anymore or even enjoys what she does cook for herself. I commend her for loosing the weight and working to keep it off... that's great. The obsession with is what makes me sad, how can you lead and enjoy a normal life if you can't eat somewhat normally? What does her boy friend do in regards to her eating lifestyle. One can go to a restaurant and have a salad with dressing on the side or maybe just some lemon juice squeezed over. There is the option of broiled fish, or chicken. OK don't eat the bread,tell them not to deliver it or if you feel you have to,tear off a small piece and give the rest to your boyfriend or fellow dinning partners. Sugar seems to be the downfall... so of course your going to crave it. I found the best solution is don't deprive yourself. If chocolate chip cookies are your downfall use it as a reward. If you've been good on your diet all week.. go buy ONE cookie and have it.. no guilt. One cookie is gone, no more laying around so no worries. If you don't want to eat the whole cookie,eat what you feel comfortable eating and throw the rest away. Don't beat yourself up because you ate something "forbidden" that only makes you want it more.

My girlfriend has lost 114lbs. Her downfall is carrot cake. When she is really craving it she will go buy a single serving piece of the cake eat a few bites and throw the rest away. She either throw away the foods that aren't good for her or gives away the remains to her daughter or friends. She feels that way she can have what she likes and not feel bad about having it and it's not there in the house tempting her to eat more than she should. She measures and weighs her foods and sticks to a healthy diet for the most part. Going to dinner with her is great for me since we always end up ordering off the appetizer menu or splitting an entree and neither of us eats too much. As for deserts she takes a couple of bites, I take a couple of bites and have the server take it away.

I can't imagine being so obsessed with food because your depriving yourself of it. Eating is a social activity, it's fun it doesn't have to be lethal.

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Anonymous said...

Yep...sounds like an eating disorder. Be glad you don't have one. :)

I must have I am fat. I don't deprive myself. I need to get back to walking 30 minutes a day, watching portions, etc. I don't gorge myself either..or get up in the night to eat.

Luckily, I am not a sugar fiend. Never care if I have sweets at all.

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