Saturday, September 29, 2007


Food is one of my passions.. I'd thought I'd share my other passion. It has nothing to do with food other than they do eat a lot. My animal family.

Athena or Grandma as we call her. My 25yr old Arab mare. My granddaughter has adopted her as her own. She's what's called a babysitter, she takes care of my granddaughter when they are out riding.

Khimi, my 20yr old Arab mare- Athena's first foal. She is a Diva, doesn't think she should do anything but graze in the field all day. Has an attitude if you want anything more from her.

Sweetheart, 17yr old Arab mare. Athena's 2nd foal. Her name says it all.

Pokey-19yr old gelding out of the first horse I owned. Half brother to Sweetheart. He is in fly sheet because he is allergic to flies. Not a good thing for a horse. This picture says it all, he lives to eat. Wouldn't lift his head out of the hay no matter how much I called and jumped up and down.
The horses are all boarded at my friends place in Elverta.. they are pets. They are all getting up there in years so they have a good life. They graze out in 8 acres all day and come in at night to a nice cozy shelter.
These are the bosses of the household:

Taz, he's around 12yrs old.. the Boss. Nothing bothers this cat.

Duke my 9/11 rescue cat. My daughter found him and his sister in the gutter outside her office on that fateful day. He is dubbed the "vampire" cat. He would not for the longest time go outside in the daylight, only after it got dark and would have to be in the house by the time it got daylight. He does venture out in daylight lately. As you can see his passion is also food.

Daisy, Dukes sister.. both are 5yrs old. Get it Daisy/Duke : )
She lives mostly outside. Comes in to eat and leaves.. very much a Diva, everything is on her own terms. Both Daisy and Duke were bottle fed and taught all the necessary cat things by me, their mama. When they were found their eyes were just starting to open.

Moose (Chocolate Moose) 3yr old lab. The first dog ever to be a house dog.. ever to sleep on the bed at night, ever to be allowed on the couch.. he has the run of the house.
He's been to "Bird dog" school and is a wonderful hunter. He is great about putting up with Riley.
Riley-He came to us from the Lab Rescue organization. We've had him maybe 6 months now. We think he is a little over a year old now.. just a lovable goof ball. He also has become a house dog and sleeps on the bed at night.. which doesn't leave Charlie and I much room.
Those are my babies-we've had an assortment of animals through the years from Iguanas to a Pot Bellied pig, a goose with a broken wing my husband found while duck hunting and brought home for me to fix- he took of the following fall. I'm still the "kid" who brings home every stray cat, dog, hurt bird, whatever. Yup animals are definitely my passion too.

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