Sunday, August 19, 2007

Friends and family reunion

My girlfriends had been talking about a get together including our parents. We thought it would be fun to get everyone together especially since our parents are getting up there in age. It was quite a task to find a date for everyone to be able to attend, a couple of our friends couldn't make it after all that. Nance graciously offered to hold the BBQ at her home and volunteered her husband to be the BBQ Master. It was a BYOM (bring your own meat) and a side dish to share. Everyone brought enough of everything to share. We had barbecued steaks, barbecued Thai chicken, Shish kabobs, grilled shrimp skewers, hot dogs, more chicken.. sides were Mac and cheese, Chinese chicken salad, lumpia,home made bow, rice salad, green papaya salad, chips, dips, and deserts. Of course, wine, Margaritas, and beer. It was fun getting together, most of us had known each other since at least elementary school or high school. Our parents probably hadn't seen each other since high school when they drove us back and forth to whatever event we were going to (no, in those days we didn't have our own cars in high school). Nance made memory books for all the mothers and Karen gave each mother a pretty bamboo bouquet. She also gave each of us a beautifully wrapped cupcake. The rest of us weren't that thoughtful. Nance is into scrap booking and did a great album of old(we are talking OLD) high school pictures and party pictures and most of our get together pictures from high school to present... we are talking a lot of years here. What great memories,it was a great day of great food and memories and friends. Bridget couldn't make it because of a wedding, but I have to thank her and Bruce for all the great beer.. he works for Anheuser Busch.. and Sue had to throw a bridal shower for one of her employees.. they were greatly missed in the festivities.

I have to say we are all very lucky to be such good friends that have been close since elementary and high school. That is a pretty unusual feat. We will will continue our tradition of birthdays and Christmas' and other get togethers until we can no longer get together..but then the plan... to all be in the same nursing home/assisted living home one day and be able to party everyday together.

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