Saturday, August 18, 2007

Birthday cake

Since Kenzie was about 2yrs old I have been making her birthday cakes, on and off. The first one was Nemo (Finding Nemo), last year she wanted Hibiscus flowers on her cake to represent Hawaii. This year she wanted a puppy paw print cake. She wanted chocolate cake to represent muddy puppy paw prints. Decorations were to be bones and paw prints. This is girl knows her mind, she's turning 6 this year.
It is just a basic Devils Food Cake with chocolate butter cream filling and butter cream icing.
I found a cute paw print stamp and used cocoa to make the prints.
The "bones" are made of Royal Icing. No matter how hard you try, even with a good crumb coat it is hard not to get little crumbs of chocolate in the final frosting. Good thing we were working with muddy paws... those little bits of chocolate crumbs turned into little mud spatters.

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