Friday, July 13, 2007

Vanilla infused Creme de Limonello

We have a Meyers Lemon tree out back that I never use the lemons off of. I don't know why because they smell incredible. I was watching Michael Chiarello and he was talking about how he and his friend buy a whole lug of Meyer lemons and make Limoncello. So, I went out back and picked a few, found a recipe on the FoodTV website. I also have to thank Dennis Kercher THE HIDDEN KITCHEN for telling me how to make it "creme". Here is the basic recipe

2lbs lemons
35oz. Vodka
2lbs sugar
35oz. water

Peel the skins of the lemons, only the yellow part (the white or pith will be bitter). Add the lemon peels to the vodka and keep in a cool place for 3 or 4 days. In a separate container mix the water and sugar until sugar is melted. Add the infused vodka to the sugar mixture. Keep in the freezer.
To make the Creme de Limoncello you substitute cream for the water. I also added half a vanilla bean split into the lemon peel and vodka while it was curing. Thanks to Garret for the vanilla...Vanilla Garlic I also added a long piece of lemon peel to the bottled of limoncello just for flavor and looks.
Note: this makes a recipe makes about 3 - 750ml bottles.
I halved this recipe and it made one 750ml bottle and about another 500ml (a regular water bottle) bottle.

I have to say it tastes really good.. like a creamsickle with a big kick.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! I want me some of those meyer lemons!

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