Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Music in the Zoo

Disney Mania at the Zoo. T-Squad was the first concert of the Tuesday evenings at the zoo. A series of music in the zoo. For those of you who don't have kids or tweeners, T-Squad is one of Disney's teen singing groups. I had no idea who they were but since my granddaughter is here for part of the summer, I saw this in the paper and thought it might be something she'd like. I asked her if she knew who they were and got a resounding YES! I asked if she wanted to go seethem and got an equally resounding YES especially when she found out they were signing autographs. The Music in the Zoo series is to raise awareness about animals and to raise money for the zoo. It started at 6:00pm. We got there around 5:15 to will call our tickets (20.00 each, less for zoo members) and a line was formed along the front of the zoo on Land Park Dr. Young kids and Tweens with their parents or grandparents. It was like going to a kids rock concert. My granddaughter was so excited. This was not her first concert, she's been to Kelly Clarkson, and a couple of others, but this was something special. As we entered, they were passing out raffle tickets for a new version of the MP3 player. Also they passed out Kewl Magazine, a kind of Teen Beat..that was a hit with my granddaughter.. she had to check out all the "cute" guys like Zack Effron.. who was in High School Musical, lots of HSM stars and Disney Channel stars are featured in the magazine. Of course she had to have a T-Squad T shirt for them to autograph and their latest CD. After these purchases plus something for her to eat we spread a blanket on the ground as close as we could to the stage. They had the Disney dancers first doing their moves and a dance contest then a special guest MC, who neither my granddaughter nor I can remember the name of.. guess he wasn't all that important in comparison. T-Squad came on and you would think it was the Rolling Stones or some big name group. It was hysterical watching the young girls rush the stage and scream and yell. My granddaughter was more reserved.. she stayed where we were and just kind of sang and grooved along with the music. We took pictures as best we could and I've got to say they weren't half bad. They were a group of very talented kids.. Jade,Miki,BooBoo,and Karizz. It was actually entertaining. After the group performed for about 45 min. then the MC introduced a zoo animal handler who brought out a few animals to talk about. Most of the people had started to line up for autographs.. we were among them. We must have stood there another 1/2 hour before the animal talk was over and T-Squad came out to sign autographs. It went pretty quickly, all the T-Squad members were very personable and
signed my granddaughters T-shirt, CD, and magazine then posed for a picture with her.. she said she was going to treasure all the autographs forever and that her best friend was going to be so jealous. She had to call her mother to tell her all about the concert. Boy, Grandma did good! The T-Squad
Miki (in the back) T, Jade, Karizz, and Boo Boo
Other concerts in the Zoo: July 17- Blue Highway, July 24-Bucho,July 31-Rebeca Mauleon.
For info call 916 808-5888.
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