Friday, July 20, 2007


My friend Karen was in town on Saturday, so my friend Nance and I got together with her at Spataro's. Karen and I have been friends since elementary school and Nance has been friends with us since high school. There are a 3 others that are in our little group of elementary and high school friends that weren't able to make it that night.
Our reservations were for six o'clock, Karen and I got there about the same time so we went into the bar to wait for Nance. We both had one of their great Bellini's. They make one of the best. It was really refreshing on a warm day. When Nance arrived we were seated and given our menus. We were then served a plate of their delicious bread. It was hard not to keep eating bread, but we had to save room for our dinner.

That night they were having a Theater price fixed menu. It was a three course meal for 25.oo. There were three choice for all three courses which was great since there was three of us,each of us chose one item from each course and we got to try all the items on the menu.
We started out with the Fried Calamari (do you see a trend here?) with a mayonnaise kind of aoli.
The Calamari was really tender and fresh with a light coating. The Aoli was not very inspired, but it was OK. Actually just a squirt of lemon on the calamari was better.

The starter courses were Polpettini -Little meatballs with creamy polenta.
Romaine Hearts- Lemon anchovy dressing, croutons, Parmesan
Pappa al Pomodoro -Tuscan tomato and bread soup

The Hearts of Romain was crisp and one of the better "Cesar type salads". The Pappa al Pomodoro was thick and fresh tasting, a real comfort dish. As was the Polenta, the little meatballs were seasoned just right and with the light fresh tomato sauce it all went beautifully with the polenta.

The choices for the entree were:
Linguini alla Vongole- Manila clams, garlic, olive oil, hot pepper, breadcrumbs , Pasta with Pesto , Pasta with a lamb ragout. Everything was wonderful. That's why there are no pictures, we got so involved in dividing up our pastas and eating that we totally forgot about pictures.
All the pastas were good, but the one with the lamb ragout was to die for.
Karen and I got bottle of Cabernet,which I don't remember the name of, but it was very good.
Now for desert:
Tirami SĂș-Mascarpone cream layered with espresso dipped sponge cake,
Bittersweet Chocolate Cake-Whipped cream
Buttermilk Panna Cotta-Fresh berries
Everything was delicious. I especially love their Tirami Su. It is one of the best I've had. The Panna cotta was light and refreshing and the chocoate cake was good, but pretty ordinary.

Dinner was really good and we all enjoyed our meal. Karen said she would definately like to come back here the next time she is in town.
Service was very good as always, attentive without being intrusive. Our server was very patient with us since we were talking and catching up on our lives we were there for quite a while..
They also have a Cigar menu and you can select your cigar and smoke out on the Patio.. with a wonderful shot of Cognac or Brandy.
I love this place.. It is one of the best places to take someone from out of town for dinner.. great atmosphere, food and most of all quality.

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Anonymous said...

I love Spataro's. It is a wonderful place for dinner..or lunch..or just bar snacks. I especially appreciate their house-made sausages!

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