Sunday, July 22, 2007


Tonight we went to Roxy again for dinner again. We had been there for Easter dinner the last time we were there.

Tonight we started with the zucchini chips, thin sliced zuccini deep fried like potato chips is one of the signiture appetizers at both Lucas and Roxy. It was missing something, like salt, and tasted a little burnt. I'm just not a big fan of the chips. My granddaughter liked them, I guess that's a good way to get her to eat vegetables. We also had the Calamare(yet again). This version is really good, light crisp fried calamari rings and thin onion rings, though I think there were a lot more onions than calamari. It was sitting on a chili vinegrette that is really good and goes especially well with the calamari. There is also a chili aoli that is very good.
Charlie and I both had the Bacon and Tomato salad. That was one great salad. Crisp lettuce with lots bacon pieces, tomatoes and a light vinegrette. That salad in it's self would make a great entree salad.

Our entrees were a raw NY steak and skinny garlic fries for Charlie.. yes they will serve him a steak raw, which is exactly as Charlie ordered it. He says the meat is very good. I guess if you really good meat there is no reason not to serve it raw. This is one of the few places in town that will serve steak this way. I suppose if you had less than top grade meat you wouldn't chance serving it this way. The fries are supposed to be garlic but I've yet to taste any on the fries. They are thin and crisp and good fries, but I don't know where the garlic comes in.
My granddaugher and I split the Ribeye steak-extra rare (her request)yes, we are carnivores.
She chose lemon mashed potatoes as a side with that. The mashed potatoes would have been a lot better if it were better seasoned and hot. The Ribeye was very tender and flavorful and she ate her whole half of the steak.

Now for the best part- desert: My granddaughter had vanilla ice cream with sliced bananas.. she wanted carmelized bananas but something got lost in the ordering.
I had the Roxy Sundae.. Vanilla,Chocolate,and cinammon ice cream with chocolate,berry, and pineapple sauces with carmelized banana with whipped cream and nuts.. basically a banana split. It was so good! I normally don't eat ice cream but this was good.
Does that look good or what?

I like Roxy, the food is good, I wish I could say it was great, wonderful, whatever. It's good, and that is about it, there is nothing to get really excited about. That is too bad since it's a very nice place with decent food..just wish it had the WOW factor in it's food.


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