Sunday, June 24, 2007

Will my husband ever go out to dinner again?

I just got to thinking (which sometimes can be dangerous)since I started this blog, I will be carrying around a camera when I go out to eat. Now this doesn't pose a problem when eating out with Sue, other than I forget to take a picture of the food before digging in and she has to keep reminding me. I was thinking of my husband....hmmm... for those of you who know him I know you'll understand the dilemma. My husband is not what you'd call the "tolerant" type. I can just see his reaction as I say, "don't eat that, I haven't taken a picture of it yet!" When we go to dinner he wants his food, eat and get the hell out of there. There is no lingering over coffee with a nice relaxing conversation. It will embarrass him to death for me to pull out the camera and start snapping shots... on the other hand I'd do it just because I'm evil ; ) I think this is going to be fun, especially going out to dinner with friends. My husband gets teased because we go to "foo foo" restaurants or "Eileen kinds of places". Which means (at least to him and his buds) small portions, big price. He is a good sport about where I drag him to and he even enjoys the food for the most part. After all these years, 33 this year ...which by the way we celebrated at La Provence in Roseville La Provence I'm hoping his pallet is becoming a little more educated than raw steak. He did like La Provence and said he'd go back. What an accomplishment! of course I didn't take any pictures. He'll probably never go to dinner with me again if I do... my picture taking will probably be limited to my dinners with Sue . I'll let you know.


What is Curry? said...

lol! I can so relate to this, before we have lunch or dinner , my husband takes pics of the food. But the only difference is that he loves photography :)

Anonymous said...

Meeting your DH, I had to LOL! Maybe he'd be happier at a restaurant with animal heads on the walls? Is there one in town?

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