Friday, June 22, 2007


Sue and I had dinner at Tuk-Tuk in the Natomas area the other night. It is located in the back of a shopping complex on Del Paso Rd. As you drive up it is hard to tell if it is open or not as the windows are dark. Once inside it takes you by surprise. It is beautiful. The reception desk (sorry the picture is crooked) is the first thing that catches your eye. There is a small bar area on the right with a golden water fall wall on either side of the shelves where the bottles are kept. We were seated at one of the bench seat tables, there were cushions on the wall end of the bench seat kind of like a chaise so you could kind of sit back and stretch your legs out, but I don't know what happens if there is someone sitting in back of you. Lean back against each other I guess. There are regular tables and chairs also.

OK food.. we started out with two appetizers the Thai Scotch Eggs-quail eggs wrapped in ground meat and fried with a chili dipping sauce and Miang Kam- lettuce leaf,spinach leaf,thin slice of lime, thin slice of ginger,toasted sweetened coconut, boiled shrimp, peanuts in a little stack with a sweet and sour peanut sauce. The Miang Kam was a perfect bite of sweet,sour,salty,crunchy WOW.
The Thai Scotch Egg was just weird. The egg itself was perfectly cooked. The meat or what ever it was was more like fried tofu. It reminded me of the vegetarian "meat" back in the day.

Salad was the Som Tum w/grilled shrimp. The grilled shrimp was a large whole shrimp split down the center and grilled with the Som Tum(papaya salad) on top.
Entrees were Poo Tod, Soft Shelled Crab with pepper & garlic. It was just OK.. all the different flavors of the basil, soy sauce, garlic and the hotness of the pepper drowned out
the delicate taste of the crab. Goong Jean, Grilled Jumbo Shrimp with spicy tamarind sauce. This was also disappointing since the tamarind sauce overwhelmed the shrimp.Pad Kee Mao, Spicy basil noodle (wide fun noodles) with pieces of chicken,shrimp,basil, red peppers. This dish was very tasty. Though we ordered it medium spicy, it was very spicy,but so good. Of course we had to have plain rice. The heat was quelled a little by a nice cold glass (or 2) of St. Michelle Riesling. Sue had the Vanilla Cherry Coke Cocktail.
Though some of the dishes were misses, everything was very fresh.
They have a large menu so I'd go back just to try some of the other dishes that sounded interesting. The service was friendly, helpful and quick. Pricewise, it's more expensive than the usual Thai restaurant.
4630 Natomas Blvd
Sacramento CA
916 575-7957

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What is Curry? said... thai food, We shd give this a try when we come to sac. Did u try any of my recipes yet?

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