Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back from Hawaii

Just came back from a great 6 days vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. On this trip we found quite a few different places to eat and they were all good & "gotta go back" places! If you like traditional Hawaiian food, then you must go try Helena's, which Adam Rich of "Man vs. Food" did when he was in town.

Bowl of Poi, Lomi Salmon, Lau lau
Luau Squid 
Fried Butterfish collar, Short ribs Pipikaula style, Kalua pig
Terri & me with Craig Katsuyoshi (Helena's grandson)
Since this was kind of Terri's 1st trip to Hawaii, a "must-do" is eat saimin! And, what better place to eat it than at Saimin Palace! This restaurant has been here for at least 30 yrs. and it's still good & popular after all these years!
BBQ Pork sticks, Saimin, & mustard sauce
 Another of  my favorite things to do is "sight-seeing" at Ala Moana Shopping Center (ok, ok so it's more like shopping, not sight-seeing!). This time we decided to eat lunch at the newly remodeled dining/food area at Shirokiya Dept. store. The variety of food available is enormous! It was really hard to decide what to eat, but here's what we chose:
Pork Belly Bento Box
Shoyu-flavored Ramen 
 Later that night we dined at Alan Wong's Pineapple Room (at Macy's, Ala I said, lots to see & do there!). Since we were still full from our lunch, we decided to just share appetizers:
Red wine for me & Pineapple Tea for Terri
Ho Farms Tomato Salad w/Hawaiian Island Goat cheese &
Vanilla Li Hing Mui Dressing 
"Da Poi Cup"- Hanalei Poi, Kalua pig & Lomi tomato
French Fries & Foie Gras Honey Dipping Sauce
Hawaii Sweet Gold Pineapple Beignets &
Vanilla Caramel Sauce

 Well, that's what we did for the 1st part of our trip...more to come!

Yours truly, Karen

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