Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday Night Dinner at Blue Plate in SF

Went to The Blue Plate, 3218 Mission St., SF for dinner tonite. We were there last year & really enjoyed the food so we decided to go back tonite with Gail & Gary (my sis & brother-in-law). Again, the food was fabulous & the service was wonderful. Unfortunately the pictures I took are fuzzy & does not reflect the excellent quality & presentation of the please keep that in mind when you look at my pictures...

House-made Mozzarella
giarniniera, sourdough toast, romesco, olive oil
(the mozzarella was incredible!)

Macaroni & Drunken Spanish Goat Cheese
(this mac & cheese is like no other!!!)

Grilled Romaine
house bacon, heirloom cherry tomatoes, avocado, grana, vinaigrette
(I loved eating this salad warm...the flavors were divine!)

Pork Belly & Acme Rye
smoked early girl thousand island, soft egg, fried capers
(everything about this was GOOD!)

Blue Plate Meatloaf
mashed potatoes, blue lake & yellow wax beans
(the meatloaf had great flavor)

Fried Chicken
creamed corn, swiss chard, charred jalapeno buttermilk dressing
(I was told the chicken was um-um least I got to try the corn, which was good!)

Key Lime Pie
(man, this was the best...tart & sweet!)

Warm Chocolate Cake
toffee sauce, cocoa nib crumble, malted milk chocolate ice cream
(this was also incredible... can you tell dessert is my favorite part of the meal???)
Another great meal & I highly recommend this restaurant. Not only was the food good but the service was also outstanding, thanks to our server, Shannon.

Yours truly, Karen

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