Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Kitchen!!!

I finally made it to The Kitchen, in Sacramento with Eileen. What a wonderful, extraordinary culinary, gastronomical delight!!!!!! The food, service & atmosphere were incredible! Eileen has been here a few times & has been trying to get me to go...and I'm so glad I finally made it here! If you like to eat & try new things, then this is the place for you. If you like to savor & leisurely enjoy your food, this is the place for you! The portions may be a little small (it was perfect for me!) but they encourage you to ask for 2nds, 3rds, etc. Eileen made reservations for us to sit at the counter, which made the dining experience even more get to see all the action! But I think seating at the tables are good, too. The servers are attentive wherever you sit.

Here are 2 pictures of the view of
the front kitchen from our seats at
the counter.

1st dish: Slow Braised Berkshire Pork 'Banh Mi' with Thai Jus, Crispy Lardo, Pickled Summer Vegetables & Perserved Lime
(This was absolutely delicious!!!!)
Chef Noah Zonca preparing freshly caught Salmon for the intermission Sushi 
2nd plate: Room temperature Heiloom Tomato soup with
a Dungeness Crab-Burrata Flan, summer Herbs, &
Cherry Tomato Salsa.
(I also liked this...wonderful flavors!)

 Time for intermission! Presented to us was a huge assortment of sushi, soft-shelled crab, ahi poke, etc. This was a good opportunity to get up & stretch before the next 3 courses.

3rd Plate: Wild Salmon, Rock Shrimp & a Rabbit Ravioli with Goat Cheese, Creamed Yellow Corn & Black Truffle Butter.
(Everything was perfectly cooked & I got 2nds on the Rock Shrimp!!!!!)
The chefs preparing & plating the 4th Plate
4th Plate:Local Lamb Racks & Maine Lobster, Mushroom-English Pea
Ragout, Duck Confit Sauce & a Hint of Vanilla Bean
(The Lamb was absolutely fresh & perfectly cooked!)
Dessert!!!! Warmed Mountain Berry Crepes, Lemon Sabayon,
Caramel, Walnut Crumble & Fresh Peach Ice Cream
(I had 2nds of this...need I say anymore???)
Eileen & I
(Extremely happy, content & satisfied !!!!)
The Kitchen is now one of my all time favorite & I'm so glad I had the opportunity to dine here!

Yours truly, Karen!

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Ally said...

Eileen, it was wonderful meeting you at the Star Olive Oil dinner. I think my boyfriend's taking me to the Kitchen (finally!!) for my birthday next month and after reading your blog post...I can't wait!

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