Saturday, July 9, 2011


Thank gawd it's Friday!!!!! Know the perfect way (only my opinion, of course!!) to end a work week? Head over to Nordstrom for the preview to the Anniversary sale, then relax & recoup at their restaurant, "Cafe Bistro"...Have to mention that the preview was great! Got a lot of nice things: earrings, shoes, & workout clothes~so head on over there! We shopped till we dropped & rested at the cafe with:

Left: Pomagrante Cosmo (delicious, which I had)
Right: Ginger Manhattan (pretty good, too, which Linda had)

Arnold Palmer~Lemonade & Iced Tea for the younger crowd

Appetizers! My favorites here
Left: Crisp Calamari with lemongrass sweet chile dipping sauce
Right: Fries with Kalamata olive aioli sauce (the BEST!)
Blue Cheese & Pear Salad~ organic baby greens tossed with candies pecans,
dried cherries, pear, blue cheese & dark cherry vinagrette

Caesar Sald with Roasted Chicken~romaine lettuce,  warm sliced chicken breast
& garlic croutons in caesar dressing, served with parmesan cheese crisp

Pepperoni Pizza

Bistro Steak Pommes Frites~ 10 0z flat iron steak with herb butter,
orgainc arugula salad & fries with kalamata olive aioli

After we finished eating, we were rejuvenated & ready to go (shop some more!) but the store was closing, so we had no choice but to leave...but, we'll be back...for more calamari & fries!!!

Yours truly, Karen (from the Bay!)

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