Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brenda's French Soul Food

We're starting the weekend eating again!!!! Last night Gil & I decided to give Brenda's a try for dinner. We had eaten there twice, once for brunch & another time for lunch. The restaurant is small and after arriving (without reservations) at 8:30 pm, we had to wait 30 min. for a table. It was well worth the wait!
The style of cooking is called french-style, New Orleans soul. I wanted to try everything on their menu...everything looked so was really hard making a decision & after talking to the couple sitting next to us (the tables are arranged very close to one another), we made our choices:

We started off with drinks. Gil had this beer & I had a glass of zinfandel blend.
(We both liked our drinks!)

Fried Black-eyed peas
This was served instead of the ususal bread.
It was very good...went well with our drinks.

My entree choice: Crawfish & Andouille Pot Pie with Cheddar Biscuit & mixed greens.
The dressing in the greens were delicious, but take a look at the pot pie (next picture)!

This was piping hot! And there was plenty of crawfish & sausage.
It was just the right "heat" & oh so good!

Gil's entree choice: Shrimp & Grits, sauteed shrimp, cheddar grits, spicy tomato-bacon gravy.
I had a bite (actually, several) of this & it was DELICOUS!!! Again, just the right amount of heat &
the cheddar grits were so good I wanted to lick the bowl to get every last bit!

DESSERT!!!! Black-Cherry-Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce!!!!
This was so decadent! Everything about it was GOOD, GOOD, GOOD!

Gil's dessert choice: Beignet, filled with Ghiradelli chocolate

Just look at all that chocolate in the beignet...Of course I had to try glad I did!
The beignets were perfect...light & crisp. And the chocolate made it even more perfect!
I think the next time I go back for dinner, I'm going to bring more people with me so we could order & share the other dishes...I want to try the appetizers next time!
So, next time you're in SF & are looking for a place to eat, go try Brenda's, 652 Polk St. @Eddy.

Yours truly, Karen (in the Bay)

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weekendshutterbug said...

Brenda's is fine...get a cup of coffee for the wait....don't wear your mink coat.

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