Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sacramento's First Food Truck

Mimi Burger food truck just launched their new burger truck February 3rd. For the week they were located at Niello BMW/Mini at 2020 Fulton Ave. right here in Sacramento. Our very first gourmet food truck.
Saturday I decided I'd check this new venture as I'm a big fan of food trucks and getting them into Sacramento. With the city ordinances being what they are right now a food truck cannot be parked on the street for more than half an hour. Since they are parked on private property at the Niello dealership they can stay there as long as they wish. They are scheduled to be there today from 11:00am until 7:00pm. I arrived around 1 and there were about a dozen people there. There is no where to park at the dealership so you will need to park off site and walk over. There were several people eating while others waited for their food. The burgers that I saw looked really good. The burgers are available in: natural Angus from the 5 dot ranch, Buffalo, or a chicken breast (free range). There are 4 styles of burgers, 2 buns and a lettuce wrap, sides, salads and drinks. They also have 2 specials that sounded good. Check out the menu page for details. The burgers come in 2 or 3 packs. I decided on the 2 pack, one would be the Cowbell with the Angus beef on a Brioche bun, the other Da Philly with buffalo burger on a Brioche bun.

The Cowbell consists of: bacon, pepperjack, onion straws, bbq sauce and lettuce. I ordered a side of the Sweet Potato Tots

Da Philly is onions, mushrooms and garlic with
provolone cheese. I also ordered a side of the hand cut fries .

As I was waiting for my burgers I was looking around and everyone seemed to be enjoying their burgers and more and more people were walking up.
The burgers came out pretty quick and they look delicious..don't they?

They both had good flavor and they were the perfect size patty; but the Angus burger was too well done and dry. The buffalo was done to a nice medium rare. The bun was a little dry also. As you bit into it, it tended to crumble and had bread crumbs everywhere. The hand cut fries were great in flavor but kind of soggy and not very hot. Now the sweet potato tots..They Rocked! Those were the, crunchy, salty, sweet..I'd go back just for those.
All in all the burgers were good and I'd like to try the other ones. What I'd really like to try is the crab burger. It says seasonal so right now crab is in season but won't be for long. I will have to track them down again for that one and more tots.
My first impression, burgers were good but nothing I'd rave about. The tots yes..raving!!
Go here to find out where they will be this coming week.

Also if you are into food trucks or just curious be sure to check out the Sacramento Mobile Food Festival which will be held on April 30 at Freemont park 16th & Q from noon until 6:00pm . The festival will feature local trucks as well as Bay Area food trucks. Hopefully we can convince the City that we need and want food trucks in Sacramento and the ordinances need to be changed.

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