Saturday, November 6, 2010

Foodbuzz Festival-Day 1

I was so looking forward to the Foodbuzz Festival this year. Last year I had to miss it because of the birth of my granddaughter. I hitched a ride with Catherine and we came down to San Francisco to the festival.
After checking in and receiving our swag bag of goodies, lots of goodies from the sponsors..but really a Ginzu knife? I had to laugh at that one. I had a chance to rest and get ready for our welcome dinner. I opted to stay at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, which is where the Foodbuzz Festival was headquartered. I loved this hotel and my room was cute and very comfy. I think it was the best thing about the festival.
Later in the evening all the bloggers (about 350) all gathered in the lobby of the hotel to socialize before we were bussed to the opening dinner. There I also met up with a
fellow blogger, Sara also from Sacramento. There were bloggers from all over the country plus a few bloggers that were international.
The dinner was held at Fort Mason. We were to have dinner from food trucks!! I was excited about that, with all the food truck craze.
Our dinner was held in one of the buildings at Fort Mason. The bloggers were all to bring a gift that reflected their blog or their region. As we entered we were given a number of the table we were to sit at and directions on how to go about exchanging our gifts. After finding my table and meeting my table mates I walked around checking out what food vendors trucks we would be having dinner from. The funniest thing is 350 bloggers all whipping out their cameras taking pictures of the trucks, the cupcake display and of course the food once we were able to get our food.
bloggers taking pictures of the mini cupcake display that spelled out Foodbuzz
We were all called to ordered and asked to take our seats so we could begin the introductions of the Foodbuzz personnel and a couple of sponsors. We were then instructed to begin the gift swap. I brought a Olive cookbook by my pal Marlena Spieler. Since myself and two other bloggers had cooked through her Jewish Cooking Book and olives represent our region, I thought it was appropriate. In return I received the book The Atomic Kitchen. This is a book about the kitchens and kitchen gadgets and appliances of the future conceived in the 1950's. This was a cool book since a lot of the gadgets and appliances were things we either had or I had seen..boy doesn't that age me!!
Then we were all set free to visit the food truck and eat!!! Besides the food trucks there were different wineries and beer manufactures. So, lots of food and drinks..what more can you ask for.
The top trucks were Roti Rolli and Spencer on the Go. Roti Rolli was the porketta truck and Spencer on the Go was a contestant on Food Truck Wars on the Food Channel. There were about 8-10 vendors in all including the wine and beer people.
I have to say Roti Rolli was the best!! Of course you can never go wrong with Porketta. The other vendors were also quite good but my vote was for Rolli Roti.
porketta sandwich..the best!! Find them at the Ferry Building

New England lobster Cappuccino and baked lamb cheek sandwich
Korean taco
jalapeno brined pork sandwich and chicharrones
Vegan gumbo
After dinner a couple of food bloggers and I walked over to the Off the Grid event that is held every Friday night at Fort Mason. A bunch of food trucks that gather and provide a fun atmosphere. There were at least a dozen food trucks plus a band was playing. Hello..Sacramento are you listening?
the bao truck.. just thought this was a cute truck
another truck at Off the Grid..Filipino food
Back on the bus and back to the hotel.. the day was fun, met quite a few bloggers from all over the country. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.


Unknown said...

I love every single thing about this post. I want to read more..because I want to find out what happened on day two..why you didn't like it.

I love the photos..and your descriptions are faboo. :)

I want to eat at that korean taco truck..

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I'm totally going to hunt down those Porketta sandwiches the next time I go to the Ferry Building - yum!! And yeah, Sacramento needs a serious kick in the ass for being such weenies about the whole food truck situation.

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