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My son-in-law Kobie was in San Francisco this past week for the Navy's Fleet Week. Last night (his last night) we met him for dinner. I had always wanted to try the House of Prime Rib and the idea of prime rib appealed to Kobie so I got my wish.
The House of Prime Rib has been in business since 1949 and do they have it down to perfection. The feel of the restaurant is kind of English gentlemen's club- dark woods, warm and cozy. It just reminded me of Old San Francisco.
They have a beautiful bar and lounge area with a fire place.
The menu is simple prime rib- which cut do you want? The City Cut is for smaller appetites, The House of Prime Rib cut, a hearty cut, The English cut, thin slices of beef, King Henry the VIII cut, large portion usually bone in. They also have a kids cut and fish but you need to ask the server about that. Why would you have fish if the main item is prime rib?
Then there are the sides- the house salad that is made table side. Your choice of mashed or baked potato and a choice of creamed spinach or corn. Yorkshire Pudding and a choice of horseradish sauces.
After we were seated we ordered drinks, the prices of their cocktails are very reasonable also.
We were brought warm bread, wonderful San Francisco sourdough and butter.
The waitress explained the concept of the restaurant which is deceptively simple-which cut of prime rib do you want and what sides and then took our order. I had the House cut with creamed spinach. Kobie also had the House cut with creamed corn and Charlie had the Henry VIII cut with creamed spinach.
First the salad is made table side. You get what you get..the house salad with the house dressing which is sort of a Russian dressing. It is also a little show as the waitress spins the salad bowl which is set in ice and pours the dressing from high above the salad. Then everything is tossed and served along with a cold salad fork. Very very good salad but no one wanted to eat all of it because we wanted the prime rib.
After salad service is cleared a huge silver blimp looking this is wheeled to the table.. as the blimp is opened inside are 3 huge rib roasts.. the carver then proceeds to cut the roast to the size ordered. We all ordered ours rare and it was perfect. Au jus is generously poured over the slices of beef and your side of choice is placed along side as is a slice of Yorkshire pudding . Yorkshire Pudding is an eggie bread much like a pop over. Traditionally it is made in the same roasting pan as the roast using the drippings for flavor. Our waitress said this isn't how it's done there but non the less it was good.
Since we all ordered baked potatoes 3 huge potatoes come to the table and are then prepared to your liking. We wanted ours loaded so we got lots of sour cream, chives, and bacon bits. Also the horseradish was brought out, straight, creamy and another one that looked even more creamy. I like straight horseradish so that was my choice.
The prime rib was melt in your mouth delicious, absolutely the best I've had. I don't much like creamed spinach because they usually use too much nutmeg in it but this one was delicious with lots of bacon and onion bits and no nutmeg that I could detect. Of course the baked potato was great but we really were concentrating on the prime rib.
Now after all this, if your still hungry they will give you another small slice of roast.
We had after dinner cognacs..in this atmosphere you just have to have cognac. I did have desert.. pecan pie and Charlie had bread pudding. Both were excellent but went unfinished
Excellent dinner, excellent value. The meal runs about $35.00 plus or minus depending on the cut of beef. The salad and sides are included in the price!! That is a deal!
Excellent,Excellent, Excellent!! Great food and service..our waitress was the best .
House of Prime Rib
1906 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco CA 94109
415 885-4605

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undercover caterer said...

I've just been DYING to visit HOPR since I learned of it's existence! Your pictures are great, I'll have to drag the Mr. there very soon.

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