Monday, August 9, 2010


Since I had nothing going on today I thought I'd drive down to Clarksburg and check out the wine and cheese festival at the Old Sugar Mill. I live only a few minutes from Clarksburg and for all the times I've been to and through Clarksburg I've never been to the Old Sugar Mill.

The Old Sugar Mill was an actual working sugar sugar mill owned by they Delta Sugar Company. The Delta was known for sugar beets that produced the sugar. As a kid I remember seeing the big trucks loaded with sugar beets headed to the mill. The mill closed in 1993 and had been standing dormant and in 2000 renovation started to turn this historic spot into a wine tasting facility. Today the Old Sugar Mill is home to 6 wineries.

Carvalo Family Winery-beginning in Portugal, the Carvalo family has continued the tradition of wine making using the grapes from the Clarksburg appellation and other high quality vineyards throughout California.

Tod Taylor Winery-Todd Taylor wines are single vineyard designated wines. The grapes are selected for their specific varietals, from their Clarksburg vineyard.

Heringer Estates-The Heringer family are an old Clarksburg family and over the past three generations the family have converted their vineyard to premium grapes.

The barrel tasting of the '08 Bordeaux at Heringer Estates.

Matt Cline, owner and winemaker

Soloman Wine Company-is home to 3 distinctive wines; Cloud 9, Garsa,and Muse wines.

Some of the cheese and other vendors

Besides these vendors there quite a few others selling olive oils, marinades, teas, spices etc.
It was a nice way to spend my afternoon.
If your interested in wine tasting go to this site Old Sugar Mill
Plus there are other wineries down the Delta that are worth visiting too.
All the wines were very good, but Todd Taylor was my favorite.


surviving suburbia said...

i heart old sugar mill! posted about it here. it was one of the first things i blogged about when i recently discovered the world of blogging. :) happy to have stumbled upon a fellow sac-based foodie blogger like you all!

Eileen and Karen said...

nice to meet you, there are a bunch of us foodie bloggers in town. We try to have an annual food bloggers potluck so if we do I'll let you know.

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