Saturday, June 5, 2010


A while ago I was chosen to be a taste tester for Vosges Chocolates. They were working on a new line of Vegan Truffles and we would be sent samples as they were created to try and give feedback on.
Today I got my first samples, a dozen truffles. I wasn't sure what to expect of vegan truffles, would they be good? Well, I figured if they were from Vosges they would but you know how "vegan" has a certain connotation. How would they make the chocolate smooth and creamy and decadent without butter and cream? I really wasn't sure what to expect.
This is the box of truffles I received. This is the packaging they will be using. In the box were 6 Coconut truffles and 6 Acai truffles.The ones on the left are the coconut and on the right are the acai ones. The packaging is attractive but I think the truffles need to be in individual cups.
Don't they look good? I was sent a questionnaire to rate the taste, appearance, mouth feel etc.
I thought the appearance of the coconut was the better of the two. The acai truffle just didn't appeal to me with its specks of red.
The flavor of the chocolate is unbelievable, smooth, silky, and decadent. The coconut didn't appeal to me, it was too finely grated or dry or something. I just didn't like the mouth feel of it. The acai was really good. The tartness of the acai against the sweet chocolate was a good contrast and paired very well together. This was my favorite.
One of the questions was if I would buy them or give them as a gift. Yes, as a gift I would buy both of them but for myself I'd buy the acai.
No question that vegan tuffles are every bit as delicious and the regular ones..if you didn't know you would never be able to tell the difference.
This is fun and delicious assignment..I can't wait for the next new batch.

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