Sunday, January 10, 2010


When we had our blogger potluck in December we all talked about getting together at Udupi Cafe for a lunch. Thanks to Shankari , today we had our blogger/foodie lunch at Udupi. Udupi is vegetarian Indian restaurant in a strip mall on Sunrise Blvd. It is absolutely wonderful. Today we all went for the lunch buffet. There are a selection of chutneys,raita's,vegetable pickles,and more, hot foods and deserts. Along with the buffet selection the restaurant also made us Gobi Manchurian (battered cauliflower fried stir fried with garlic, onions, chili,ginger and soy) and dosa with a potato filling (crispy crepes filled with a potato filling). Everything I tried was really good. My favorite was the Gobi Manchurian and the Channa Dahl.
It was nice to meet Margaret Andrews and Sarah Singelton who's blogs I read all the time but have never met the authors. The others bloggers were Anne Rolke her husband Bob and their adorable daughter Eva. She is amazing in that she eats anything and is so well behaved and Catherine Enfield. Foodies Dennis and Mary Kercher, Kate Washington and her baby daughter and Phil and Jenny Obsorne and their friend and Rajesh, Shankari's husband. I did take a few pictures.. didn't do a very good job though. I got the condiments, the deserts and the half eaten plate of Gobi Manchurian but didn't get the rest of the food.. just got too busy eating. So, here are the few pictures that I got:the chutneys, raita's, yogurts, pickles (my favorite)

The Gobi Manchurian

to the right are some of the deserts
on the left is Channa Dahl and aloo partha

Thank You to Rajesh for the pictures he let me use for the blog of the a participants of our lunch. Since I was busy eating and not paying attention to taking pictures. It was a fun lunch.


undercover caterer said...

That Gobi Manchurian was SO good! I brought some home and had it for dinner, too.

Maybe I'll see you at the street food class?

Ann said...

Thanks for the nice comment about Eva! Eating out is more fun if we can share good food with her.

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