Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Real Sunday with Marlena

Today we got to have our Sunday with Marlena Spieler. She, her aunt Estelle Opper and her step daughter Heidi joined Shankari, Mel and I for an Indian Potluck lunch. Shankari and Rajesh graciously opened their home to us and Shankari lent us women her sarees to wear. It was fun trying to master the art of wrapping the Saree, in the end Shankari had to dress each of us. They were so beautiful and made us all feel regal. The real queen for the day was Estelle...she looked absolutely beautiful in her Saree and really did carry off the regal look to the fullest.
I think though half of us took off the Saree when we began to have lunch for fear of dribbling food on it.
We had lots of food, fun and laughter today and it was wonderful to have Marlena and her family join us. She is such a sweet lady.
Here are a few pictures of our day:
Shankari and Rajesh
Mel in her Saree
Marlena, Heidi, and Shankari

Estelle looking regal

our potluck lunch


Unknown said...

I posted a photo of you yesterday...haven't found it yet. What fun!! I think I'll start wearing a bindi every day.

You make the best pan puri ever..and I hope I spelled that correctly!

I wish I hadn't been so tired..but we still had a wonderful time.

Ra said...

Thanks Eileen,

the pani pooris were excellent as always, and we both had them for dinner. We kept eating until we ran out of the chuney :)

marlena spieler said...

BEST pani puri ever!!!!

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