Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Iron Steaks

Tuesday night Sue and I decided to try Iron Steaks. It is off Broadway in the old Fuji's restaurant building for all you old time Sacramentans. We didn't get there until after 8:00pm and it was still fairly busy. That was a good sign especially on a Tuesday night which I'm sure is not a big night for going out to eat. The restaurant itself is contemporary, nice clean design. I don't know what they did upstairs but the bottom floor or at least the area we were seated was comfortable. Each table had a big brick slab which we found out is where they place the food. The concept is to promote family style dining which is great because that way you can share and try several items and is also great for those who can't finish a whole steak. We started off with the hot crab dip with crostini. It was OK, not bad but needed a kick of something. They then brought us two Beignets and honey butter and also a little cup of cole slaw. OMG! Those beignets were to die for... piping hot, light and not at all greasy. With the honey butter it was heaven. I would have been happy with just a basket of beignets and the butter and nothing else. We did have them bring us a couple more. The cole slaw... boring. Sue ordered the Porterhouse and I had the Ribeye. They are brought out on sizzling plates and placed on the brick and our waitress asked if we wanted her to slice them. We said no, but then learned that we should have. Since the plate they were on are sizzling hot you had to leave them up there and either transfer the steak to your plate or slice it from there which is what we ended up doing. We also had a side of Pomme Frites (fries) with a Bacon Ranch and Garlic Mayo dipping sauces. Both were good but I loved the garlic mayo. The fries were thin and crispy but they could have been a little hotter, it was like they had been sitting a while and cooled off a little.
Desert was a strawberry shortcake made with the beignets and Sue had the ice cream sundae. I was full and only took a bite or two of the shortcake, it was good but I couldn't eat anymore. Sue said the sundae was very good.
Other than steak they have a few chicken entrees and a few fish entrees along with lobster. There aren't a lot of appetizer items and there is really not much there that caught my attention, salads are your usual steak house salads and there are a couple of soups. The sides are to be shared (large portions) and typical steak house fare as well.
I would definitely go back, especially since it so nice and close to where I live. A very good point about Iron is that there is no corkage charge, and no split plate charge since they encourage family style dining and no charge to bring a special occasion cake. You can't ask for better than that. The wine list is brief but has a good selection of California wines.
I think had I not just gone to CUT in Vegas I would have enjoyed the steak more. I'm now so spoiled after one steak dinner there, I can't help but compare what I am eating to what I had there, and there is no comparison. That being said it compares favorably to Ruth Chris' or Morton's in my opinion and price wise I think it's a better value.
I hope it stays busy and becomes another neighborhood classic.

Hot Crab Dip

The Beignets with honey butter

The steaks and Frites

Strawberry shortcakes

Ice Cream Sundae

As a side note: I had my left over steak for dinner tonight and it was was good, I think I enjoyed it more tonight. So, I would say the steaks are very good if they can taste that good the next night.

Iron Steaks
2422 13th St

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