Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 3 Las Vegas

Food hangover...this morning my stomach is protesting all this food, not so much the food the richness of food. Charlie and I look at each other and laugh because we are both feeling this way. I so wanted to try Burger Bar, Hubert Keller's place at Mandalay Bay and compare his burger to that at Mesa Grill but there is no way I want anything to eat especially not that heavy. Besides we are going to Fleur de Lys another of Keller's restaurants tonight for dinner. After we get moving and grab a cup of coffee we decided we better walk. We walked to Paris and looked around and guess what.. moving makes you hungry. Well, not hungry but I wasn't opposed to something light or small. I had heard that there was a Pink's Hot Dog stand at Planet Hollywood. We walked over there and thought we would walk through the Miracle Mile shopping mall just to be walking. After browsing the shops we went into the casino in search of Pinks. We walked around most of the casino finding various other eating places but not Pinks. I went up to a Customer Service desk to ask, bad move all they want to do there is sell shows or time shares. The woman said it was by the sports book.. we walked over there again, didn't find it, ended back out in the mall. Turned around and found another person so said it was outside, just look for the tables and chairs. So we headed outside and sure enough there it was. If we hadn't walked into the mall and kept walking in front of PH we would have run into it, but just as well we walked because by then there was a sort of little tiny hunger pang.

Pinks is the hot dog stand that is famous in LA where all the movie stars supposedly go and you have to stand in line for hours just for a hot dog. Here there were only a few people in front of us so it was quick. What takes the longest is deciding what kind of hot dog you want. There is a whole board full of dogs plus extras that can be added plus burgers and all the sides. The guy in front of us couldn't decide so he let 2 people go ahead while he contemplated. I had decided I wanted simple.. I can't remember what it was called but it just had mustard, tomatoes and onions. Charlie decided on the Chili Polish sausage dog. Plus we had our cokes and onion rings. Once you place your order it comes up quickly. We took our dogs and found a table outside and enjoyed people watching while we ate. The hot dog was good, I didn't think it was anything special, Charlie thought the Polish dog was good but not worth 7 bucks. The onion rings were so so just onion rings. It was satisfying but nothing special. After our nourishment we walked again down to MGM then across the walkway and back to Bally's. Looking down the street it doesn't look very far but once you start walking it's incredibly far considering each Casino is at least two blocks long if not more. To think in our younger days we would walk up and down from one end of the strip to the other without even thinking about it. Now we need to think about where we are going and do we really want to walk or take a cab. After getting back to our hotel it was nap time for Charlie and I just settled in with a good book for the rest of the afternoon.
Dinner time... lunch was around 1 and dinner was at 9:00 so really there was plenty of time in between. I wasn't hungry actually I was just comfortable so we went over to Mandaly Bay early for more walking which really helps. It is amazing to me all the high end designer shops in all the casino malls. I guess people actually do shop in them to make it worth while to have them in every major casino, it boggles the mind.
We also walked down Restaurant Row to see what other restaurants they had here. Wow, I have a whole new list of places to try.

the wine vault

We got to Fleur de Lys about a half hour early and sat and had a drink at their bar which is located outside the restaurant which makes it perfect for people watching. Soon we were seated.
FdL is beautiful, cozy,and can be a very romantic spot for dinner. Even the plates are beautiful, not just plain white. I started with the Hearts of Palms salad and Charlie thought we should splurge our last night with Caviar. The Hearts of Palms salad was delicious, very refreshing and light with a crunch of cashews that went so well with all the other ingredients. What can I say about caviar... it's phenomenal plus the little warm parsnip blinis were out of this world, worth every penny. Charlie ordered the Rib eye steak that came with creamed spinach,little potatoes and a Red wine shallot reduction. He said the ribeye was very good but nothing special as far as he was concerned. Neither of us cared for the Creamed Spinach but the potatoes were very good. I had the Elegance tasting menu which consisted four courses. For the first course I chose the Truffled Onion Soup, second course Gently Heated Alaskan King Salmon, third course, Stout Braised Beef Shortribs and lastly, Celebration in Chocolate.
Everything was just so delicious, no complaints here.

Hearts of Palm Salad Appetizer
the Amuse Bouche- a little fried puff, I can't remember what it was other than it was good.
Tsar Nicoulai Osetra Caviar
The 18oz Prime Ribeye, red wine and shallot reductionCreamed Spinach and Marble Potatoes
The Elegance Tasting Menu

First Course: Truffled Onion Soup

2nd Course: Gently Heated Alaskan King Salmon ,julienne root vegetables,apple rosemary puree horseradish chive bouillon

Stout Braised Shortribs, root vegetable puree

Celebration of Chocolate

Charlie had the quartet of ice creams

To finish the meal they bring out a plate of hand made candies

Another amazing meal! Tomorrow back to reality, flying home.

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