Sunday, August 30, 2009


Once again Nance and Mike hosted our annual family barbecue. Of course it had to be one of the hottest days this month, and Mike was good enough to stand out there at the hottest time of the day (around 5:30) and barbecue, of course there was lots of cold beer which helped. Most of our parents also joined us, which was the whole purpose of the get together when we started it. We have been friends since elementary school and high school so our parents have also been acquainted and have watched us all grow up, get married, have kids and now head into retirement ( at least some of us are lucky to be retired already). As always there was tons of food and we all brought a bottle of champagne. We did a damned good job of drinking all the bottles of champagne too.
For our potluck I brought some of the best Foie Gras pate (from Cafe Rolle), Corn Cakes w/ Lime cream and pico de galo, and the fixins for fish tacos. Mare brought Walnut red pepper dip w/ pita chips, ribeye steaks, Chris brought chow mein, various sausages and ribeyes, Karen brought a mushroom pate w/baguettes, brownies and a ribeye for her husband Gil, the Leungs (Mare's parents) brought a 24hr salad and Mrs. Leungs famous Chocolate marble chiffon cake, the Tsukiji's (Nance's parents) brought a strawberry cream bar and cake. The reason for all the ribeye steaks is because it is a BYOM(bring your own meat) so needless to say, there was plenty of steaks and everything else. We all sat around and ate a laughed and drank and ate and drank and ate... OMG! It was so much fun.. Nance and Karen are into the Stamp it Up thing so Karen made us a cute remembrance card and Nance made cute thank you favors to take home.
Thanks everyone for the good food and champagne and company.. and Nance and Mike for hosting again. Can't wait until next year.
Here are some pictures:

The hubby's, except Charlie who was working
The Parents

Karen and Chris

Foie Gras Pate

corn cakes w/ lime cream sauce and pico de galo

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Charlie missed all that good food?

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