Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Best Chocolate Frosting in a Jar

I normally don't use pre-made frosting because well, it tastes like pre-made frosting, yuck!
I tried this only because The Kings' Cupboard makes the best fudge sauce and caramel sauce. They actually taste like the "real" stuff not the fake processed ice cream sauces you usually find; it ain't Hershey's. I've had this jar for a while because I've been trying not to bake (I end up eating most of what I bake) but my husband has been asking what's for desert so I broke down and made a cake (mix) so I figured I'd try the jar frosting. It is the best! It's ingredients are:Sugar, cream,butter,unsweetened chocolate,cocoa,bittersweet chocolate, cocoa butter, salt,vanilla.. it does have soy lecithin and it says it's processed with potassium carbonate. It is basically made with all the same ingredients you would use if you were making chocolate frosting from scratch!! Plus what I like is that it tells you on the label that it contains milk and soy and that it is manufactured in a plant that processes wheat. You know right off the bat that it may contain an allergen for some people.
I've only seen it at Sacramento Food Co-op but next time I'm there I'm picking up a couple more jars and some fudge sauce too. I still think my caramel sauce is better.
I like the label on the back of the sauces: good on ice cream, cakes, or just right out of the jar..which is usually how end up eating it. Needless to say I don't buy it very often.
Try it, it's wonderful!!

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Sara Reid said...

Really a cool post!! It looks delicious with the goodness of soy lecithin and cocoa which is dietary food supplement. Chocolate frosting in a jar is seems good.


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