Sunday, July 12, 2009


On Saturday we stopped by Oceano the "seafood" restaurant in the Peppermill for a quick bite. Tianna's choice since they have sushi and sashimi. It isn't very good but she likes it. After being seated the "back waiter" formerly known as the busboy came by to ask if we would like bread. Yes, we would. The bread comes, then he appears with the plates and some butter. He places Tianna's plate down then gives a kind of gasp.. then he says" the plate is dirty, it has bread crumbs. Do you want it or do you want me to get a clean plate?" Well, sure, I'd love a dirty plate, who knows what else is on there besides bread crumbs!!! Actually, I said yes, I would like a new plate but I did say loud enough for him to hear, what kind of idiot asks such a question. Really, who in their right mind would even ask such a question??? Wouldn't you just say I'll be back with a clean plate? He even seemed put out that I didn't want that plate and had to get a new one. So, I did get a clean plate but that made me wonder about the cleanliness of the whole place. I didn't say anything to the waiter as he didn't seem to be any more on the ball as the back waiter.. We had the Spider Roll and Octopus Sashimi.. not very good.. as to be expected but Tianna liked it.

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