Saturday, June 6, 2009

FUJI Sushi Buffet

I'm not sure that's the exact name of this restaurant but it used to be located in Davis. I've heard a lot about the all you can eat restaurant but I had never visited the Davis location. They have closed the Davis location and opened a restaurant in Elk Grove.
This evening we went with Jeff and Katherine. They had been there before and said it was good. We got there right at 5:00pm just they opened and people were just starting to file in.
After we were seated Jeff told the waitress what we wanted from the sushi bar only to be told that we had to go up ourselves and tell the sushi chefs what we want. We first headed to the buffet, which is fairly small maybe a dozen or so items or so plus soup, rice and desert. Mostly it was Chinese food, Chow mien, Walnut prawns, shrimp and asparagus, steamed oysters, snow crab etc. The sushi bar has the boats going around that you can pick the plates of sushi that appeals to you from. They had the usual suspects, different rolls, Nigiri sushi. Now I have to say, the food is good but to get anything from the sushi bar you feel like your on the floor of the stock exchange. I feel sorry for the people sitting at the sushi bar as everyone is standing in back of them and squeezing in next to them to yell out or pick up their order. As your standing there you have to somehow catch the sushi chef's eye and then yell out what you want.. and all these things are not on those little boats. It takes a while to master ordering. They have soft shelled crab, raw oyster, fried oysters, fried prawns, and who knows what else. I don't know how your supposed to know what they have other than to go around and look at what people are eating and listening to what's being ordered. If we weren't with people who had already been there we would never have known, there is no menu. We got the soft shell crab fried prawns,unagi sushi,hamachi,maguro and octopus. Charlie didn't like the octopus, he said it didn't have any flavor. The soft shell crab was great, of course that's my favorite. They also brought us grilled Hamachi favorite (yet again) probably the best part of the fish..they said it was complimentary. Wow that was well worth it.
I don't know what else they had, these seemed to be the most popular items but I thought I saw a plate of baby octopus
The food was good I thought but I'd rather go to Kru or Akebono. Too much trouble ordering at the sushi bar. I guess if you sat at the sushi bar it might be easier to order but you better hope no one drops their order on your head.

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Unknown said...

No thanks. I'd rather go to Akebono on Freeport. Life is stressful enough.

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