Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alaskan Cruise

I know there hasn't been much activity here, simply because I've been running around like a wild woman trying to get everything done before I leave for the cruise. Since my husband is not going (just my sister, granddaughter and me) I had make a few meals to tide him over for a week. Luckily my girlfriend is also going to cook for him sometime next week so he should be well fed. Otherwise there is a ham in there and he can make himself ham sandwiches for a week (which he has done before) you can tell he does not cook.
Had make sure laundry was done, though he did ask how to use the washer.. and get someone to work for me while I'm gone. Had to make sure my mom has all her meds lined up so her care givers can give them to her each day, make sure she has enough food etc. to keep her fed for a week and wondering (and worrying) if she will be OK by herself during the day until the care giver gets there at 3. My brother is supposed to check in on her a few times but brothers aren't always reliable. Packed my bags, unpacked my bags trying to lessen the load and unnecessary clothes. I know I'm still taking way too much stuff. Tianna came in on Tues with so much stuff I think she packed her entire wardrobe.. so we unpacked and repacked. Living in San Diego she doesn't have "winter" type clothes. She'd be great if we were going to the Caribbean.. Alaska, I don't know. We are going to take a run to Target tonight to see if we can find a couple of long sleeve tops. I think I have her packed, if she would quit going into her suitcase and wearing clothes out of there, like she doesn't have enough that we didn't pack.
Tomorrow afternoon we drive to my sister's in Oakland, spend the night then catch the 6:00am flight to Vancouver BC. I will be so glad to be able to relax!
If I can figure out how to post from my phone I might..
See you all when I get back.

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