Monday, April 6, 2009

The Bimini Steakhouse

This weekend we decided go away for an short over night stay. We had comp rooms in Tahoe at either Harrah's or Harvey's but when I called both places were booked. I thought there was a recession going on. I had a offer for a reduced rate at the Peppermill so I called them and they had a room. When we got there at 3 the place was packed! That was check in time but I haven't seen it that crowded in a long time. I guess there is no recession in Reno. We were just there to relax and have a good time. It's important for us to get away every so often especially since our office is in the home it's not like we can ever get away from the job. I gambled a little but of course I didn't do any good, but it was fun. We had decided to try the Bimini Steakhouse in the new section of the casino. Peppermill has recently done a total remodel.
We were disappointed with the steakhouse, it turned out to be the same steakhouse as before with a different name and location. Actually the old steakhouse was better.
The virtual aquarium at the steakhouse

We started dinner with the Escargot for Charlie and I had the Plank roasted oysters with pancetta,leeks and a Chardonay cream sauce. One of the best dishes. The sauce was delicious. I guess this was there take on Oysters Rockefeller. I used the bread to sop up all that delicious sauce also the garlic butter from the escargot. Charlie loves them, I just like the butter.
Charlie had the Ceasar salad which was not worth eating. It looks good but it had no flavor at all.

I had the rack of lamb and the onion rings. The lamb had a good flavor but was so fatty that it was mostly fat. The Rings were good with the chipotle cream dipping sauce.

Charlie of course had the New York steak and the sauteed mushrooms. He said it was a good steak but nothing outstanding. The mushrooms were good.

Desert for Charlie was the seasonal fruit tart and as an ending they brought out a couple of lollipops.. a nice ending.
I have to say also that I can' t remember what the 2 wines I had were, one was a Merlot and one was a Zin but both were terrible.. I've never had 2 wines that were equally bad. Oh well.


Unknown said...

I hate it when Ceasar's are overdressed.

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