Friday, February 27, 2009

Just an observation

I don't know about exercise as a means to weight loss. I haven't been to the gym lately simply because when I do it makes me hungry and when I get home I started noticing that I eat, eat, eat.
I've also seen several women around our neighborhood who have been walking for the last couple of years none of them look any thinner in fact they look like they've gained weight. I've come to the conclusion that if you diet and exercise you gain weight. I know exercising is good for the heart and everything else well, that's fine. Do it for your heart, your muscles, your state of mind but don't do it to loose weight. I think your better off eating a sensible diet with all things in moderation (I've yet to follow this rule) and if you incorporate exercise into that plan and it works for you Hurray! It was just an observation and thought that came to me as I saw our neighbor trudging down the street again.

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