Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Obama

I have to say I am very non political. This is the first time I have ever sat down and watched a presidential inauguration. I was so moved and impressed with the speech that President Obama gave. I was also amused that he was human and though he didn't show it, was extremely nervous obviously, as he sort of flubbed his oath (OK, this was written before they blamed the flub on the Chief Justice). I also noticed someone seemed to have screwed up his haircut. Maybe it was supposed to be like that but one side was nice and smoothly cut and the other side it looked like someone took a chunk out with the clippers. Ok, just something I notice since I used to be a hair dresser (or as they are now known stylist).
The other thing that struck me was I was holding my breath as former president Bush lifted off in the helicopter for Andrews Air force Base. I was just waiting for it to get blown out of the air. I know that is a horrible thought but in these days of terrorists I just couldn't relax until they said the helicopter landed safely. That's pretty telling of the times we live in.
I know the president has a lot of work ahead of him and things are not going to get better any time soon.. I wish him well.

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Unknown said...

The Chief Justice screwed up..he said it wrong in the first place and Obama was trying to figure out if he should say it wrong too, or go with what he knew was correct. He decided to repeat what the Chief Justice said.

I loved the speech, I really enjoyed watching O and Michelle dance to "At Last". A kick!

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