Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today was the Food Crawl for Cystic Fibrosis a cause that has become a near and dear cause for me since my daughter Summer found out she is a carrier of the Cystic Fibrosis gene when she was pregnant with her 2nd baby. Luckily it is a recessive gene so both parents have to have the gene for the child contract the disease. Luckily her husband didn't have the gene so the kids are safe, thank goodness. We met up at Felicia Strati with out team leader Catherine of ~MUNCHIE MUSINGS and the Meet up group. My friends Karen and Gil came all the way from San Francisco and my friend Chris joined us also. After our group were all assembled we headed off to Zocolo..what a start, tequila shots! Besides the tequila shots(which were very good by the way) they had black beans empanada and vegetable and carnitas quesadillas. There were very good.
Things were pretty packed in there as it was just noon everyone was just getting things set up.

Next we headed to Old Soul Co. for coffee and bruschetta and the best shortbread cookies.

58 Degrees was our next stop for wine and cheese plus it was nice and cool in there with comfy seats.

We then headed to L Wine Lounge & Urban Kitchen. They were serving
Sangria and Pizza out on their patio which was nice.

By this time we were getting pretty full and at least for me the alcohol was starting to kick in. But off we went to the Buckhorn Grill.. Tri-tip sandwiches and Yik Yak salad and wine. Since it was a fairly good size sandwich Chris and I split it. It took us a while to get our meal so by the time the rest of our group was ready to leave we were still eating.. so we met them at Bistro 33.

Bistro 33 served us beer (I don't remember what kind) and a taco but by this time I think most of us just took a bite of taco and drank the beer. I know your not supposed to have alcohol on the street, but I was hauling the rest of my beer as we trekked to our next stop.

Which was Mason's. Crispy Mac and Cheese and a Cherry Lemon Drop or something like that which was really refreshing and the Mac and Cheese was very good.
At this point we decided to skip a couple of places since we were starting to drag and were so full, both with food and drink.
So off to Sofia we went which was a few blocks walk. That was a good thing, we got to walk off some of that food. Sophia had wine, meatballs, Fried Rissoto Balls, Stuffed mushrooms, and Manicotti. Plus a really good Mojito.

By now we were stuffed as you can see not much was eaten there.. just a bite of each which were good. The Clarion Mansion Inn was next, not much to talk about there. Wine and some fruit and cold yes cold cuts etc. no thank you. Brew it Up was next with beer of course and some Blue Cheese Chips.

Butch N Nellie's was the next stop. It was a refreshing change, Mint Chip ice cream.. then to Azul
I kind of wandered in and out, I don't really remember what they had.

I was starting to drag, but on we went to Kasbah Lounge.They served Olives and Hummus and Pita but mostly they had nice seats. We needed to sit.
Sanad's Mediterranean Deli was next up we had a choice of 2 items, I chose the Taboulli Salad and the Dolmaths. Both were very good, thank goodness it was a small portion.

Yes, there is more... Stone Grill. It smelled good in there and I was told they had steak.. but I found a seat outside and just waited for the rest of the group.

Yogurt A-Go-Go was our stop for some desert. But, we had one more stop..Rubicon Brewing Co.

Most of the group quit after the yogurt but we decided to give this one last shot.. of beer. By now we really were vowing not to eat for the rest of the week. We met a lot of great people and got to try many of the restaurants that I had been wanting to try but never got to. It was really fun and we will be doing it again next year.

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