Friday, August 8, 2008


This is the 3rd year that Tianna has taken the cooking camp at the Natural Food Co-op. This is one of her favorite activities when she is here visiting for the summer.

This year, Monday was American with Jill Simmons, Tuesday was French-Jill Simmons, Wednesday was International-Shankari Easwaran, Thursday was Asian - Dionisio Esparas and Friday was the Mexican Tamale Fiesta -Barbara Ramirez and graduation.
I have to say the meals they learn to make are absolutely delicious. I have several recipies from previous classes that I use regularly. These are not dummied down kiddie recipes..these are full on gourmet dishes.. Brine-roasted Rosemary Lemon Chicken, Potato Gratin with GruyerCheese, Sushi, Chicken Satay and of course both savory and desert tamales just to name a few of the dishes they learned. The menu was a full course meal.. main course, vegetable, starch and dessert. Tianna always saved part of her meal so I could try it when I went to pick her up.
It is a great week of cooking a great way to get your kids into the kitchen, learn about food and make new friends.
Here are just a few shots from the end of their Cooking Camp


verybearygood said...

Tianna is such a lucky girl~to be able to take these fabulous cooking classes & most of all, to have you for her Grandma!!!


P.S. Will she share some of her recipes with her "Auntie"????

deb said...

I teach a cooking class here at the house for Meg (you met her at the pot-luck) for her & her friends. I agree we do not dummy down. Our first class was crispy chicken wontons on brocolli slaw in crispy won ton bowls. :)

ok what is "Larb?" clueless here??

thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Eileen and Karen said...

Deb- Larb is a Thai dish usually served as a salad. It is typically either ground pork or chicken mixed with lime juice, mint, cilantro,chilies, fish sauce,etc.
Karen served it as an appetizer in cabbage cups.. it is always served at room temperature.

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