Monday, August 25, 2008


T is now in the 5th grade. She and her friends decided they wanted to play an instrument. They chose the flute.. I have no idea why, but they all wanted the same instrument so they could practice together. The kids have to supply their own instruments, remember when the schools used to supply instruments? My daughter said if she wanted to take the flute she would have to buy it herself. Her Nana had just sent her $30.00 to buy a turtle (that was her dream the whole summer). Now she wanted the flute so she gets on Craig's list and finds a flute for $40.00 but she's $10.00 short. She asks her mom for the extra $10 and of course the answer is NO. Her mother tells her to e-mail the woman and explain the situation and see if she will sell it to her for the $30.00. So she e-mailed and told the woman her situation..that she was in the 5th grade, wanted to take flute lessons and that her Nana had sent her $30.00 for a turtle but she wanted to buy the flute. Would the woman be willing to sell it to her for $30.00. Please e-mail her mother or call and let them know. Of course the woman was willing to sell her the flute.It turns out the woman's son played the flute all through high school and is now a music teacher. They call it the lucky flute. They picked it up on Friday and I think they had their first band meeting this evening. Tianna is now a Flautist?
I thought that was smart of my daughter to make her purchase the flute herself..a good lesson.


Ms. Munchie said...

I wish her better luck than me. I got a flute at that age and after a few months, hated it. Basically when it comes to music I turned out to be a singer and not a player. Hated piano too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for her.

Eileen and Karen said...

I give her about a month then she will hate practicing.. but hopefully not. I hated music lessons too.

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