Wednesday, August 20, 2008


When I got into Sacramento on Saturday night 3 planes all came in around the same time. While Sacramento International is not say, San Francisco or LA.. when 3 planes come in at once and there are only 3 baggage carousels there is a major traffic jam. When I got in there was a plane in from Atlanta, Hawaii, and Seattle. There were more people there waiting for luggage than I've every seen before. Though the carousel had signs as to which planes were in no one seemed to know what was going on. We had to wait until one of the carousels was free before our luggage was available.. It was a long tiring process. I know that the airport is supposed to expand, but I think the A terminal is the one expanding and I have no idea why.. it has no one in it. When I flew out of there to Europe it was so empty.. where as B terminal is always packed.. I guess it must be because of South West... Besides there is not food court or Vino Volo in the other terminal.. they are a life saver. I don't even know if the other terminal has a Starbucks... We really do need to expand..

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